Excellent question! Check out this video to see how you can create a List and invite your colleagues to it, or see the step-by-step instructions below :-)

 Creating a List is a great way to collaborate with others. By creating a List you will be its Owner.

  •  The Owner is the individual who created the list and has permission to add people so that they can collaborate together.
    • You can also set List members' permissions. You can make them either a Member, a Contributor, an Admin(Definitions of these can be found here)

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Firstly, head over to the List page by typing go to initiate Gurn then list in your browser's address bar to get there instantly

  • Type the name you wish to give it - we recommend giving it a name that others would recognise and understand. 
    • We recommend using acronyms where appropriate, e.g. the 'Business Analysis team' could be the 'BA team'

  • Then click

  • Once you have created your List you can use the  button to edit and invite others to collaborate.

Want to see how to invite colleagues to your newly created List?

Click here to see how - it's really simple to do.