Easily... check out the instructions below.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Head over to the List page... type go to initiate Gurn then list in your browser's address bar to get there instantly
  • Click on the button of the List you want to add people to

  • Head down to Open Invites
  • You can add a single individual or multiple people by separating their emails with a comma

  • Your colleagues will be sent an email to join your List
    • On the same screen you can see all the invites you've sent and revoke any invites prior to them accepting
  • Invited users are assigned Contributor permissions by default. You can change these by heading up to the Team Members section of the page and selecting their new permissions from the drop-down menu
    • Info on Team Member permissions can be found here

  • Once added, individuals have full access to all resources and Keywords in that List
  • Though remember, Gurn inherits the user's permissions, so if they type in a Keyword and don't have permission to see the document then they won't be able to see it

Sharing resources has never been so easy and quick!