Gurn enables you to be able to search specific websites from your browser's address bar using a Search Keyword.

This is a really handy feature that means you don't have to go to a website, locate the search box, then carry out your search. Instead you can do that instantly by using Gurn!

You can do this by pairing a Search Keyword to the 'search URL' of a given website. An example of a search URL would be Here you are searching for 'tesla'.

Unfortunately not all search functions on websites work in the same way (and some websites do not expose their search URL which means they won't work with Gurn).

Below are two videos showing how to create Search Keywords using the most prevalent search queries.

Creating a Search Keyword - BBC example

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to
  • Locate the search box
  • Search the BBC website for something, e.g. 'tesla'
  • The resultant URL would be
  • Click on the Gurn extension
  • Click Edit under the
  • Replace tesla with %s 
  • Hit Save
  • Then click Add Keyword down at the bottom of the extension pop-up
  • Decide on your Search Keyword, e.g. bbc-
  • The Search Keyword MUST be followed by a hyphen. This enables Gurn to work out where your Search Keyword ends and your Search Term starts.
    • bbc-  would be an example of a Search Keyword
  • Fill out Tags
  • Select your List
  • Hit Create Keyword

Then you're ready to go!

Creating a Search Keyword - Wikipedia example

If you have any questions then please either raise a ticket or email us at