In order to increase the benefit that you as a Gurn user receive when using our product we have implemented a feature to check the URLs you visit in real-time to see whether or not there are existing keywords that you or your colleagues, friends, family or collaborators have added for the URL.

We take your browsing privacy extremely seriously and have implemented this feature in a way that respects that privacy.

Each day (every 24 hours) we send a compressed set of the keywords, urls and lists that you have access to, down to your extension. This set of data is used to build a local index or lookup that the extension can check against in real-time whilst you surf the web. If a match is found, the extension can then list these matches to you. The URLs you are visiting are never sent to our servers, data is only ever sent to the Gurn servers when you explicitly want it to be through the use of the `Go` keyword.

Over time we intend to move from pushing a daily update to pushing updates down to you in near real-time so that you have a more accurate and up to date reflection of keywords. Until that point you may find that recently added keywords don’t appear in the list of ‘hits’.

A matched keyword

  • The Gurn extension with a notification stating that the URL you are currenly on has a Keyword paired with it

  • Hits being shown in the menu of the extension

  • Matches being displayed to you