Let's say you are a member of 5 Lists, but for the next working day you only need to access Keywords from 2 of those Lists - how do you cut out the noise from the other 3 Lists? 

You can do so via Contexts.

Contexts allow you to decide which results are included in your Gurn address bar searches, and the order they appear, by virtue of the List they belong to.

Currently, Gurn supports a single context. You can change the Lists contained within your Context by clicking the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) within the extension and selecting the CONTEXTS menu option.

An example of a Context:

This will show you the Lists that you have permission to access. 

Remove a list from a Context

  • You can remove Lists from your Context by clicking the to the left of the List.
  • Then click Save Context
  • Then when you carry out your next Gurn search you will not see any Keyword results from the Lists you removed from your Context

Don't worry, this action isn't permanment :-). If you remove a list by mistake or want to start again just click the Reset button

Reorder lists in the Context

  • You can reorder the Lists by clicking and dragging them up and down. The order runs top to bottom, with a Gurn query first checking the list at the top through to the bottom of the context until a match is found. For example, with the above example Context if you were to query for the keyword 'support' the private List will be queried first, followed by gurn-ops and finally the global list.

Resetting your Context

  • If you want to reset your Context to include all the Lists you have access to then simply click the Reset button. This will then reload all your Lists
    • You can then reconfigure your Context again before saving

Any questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you might have. Please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket or chat with us via the gurn.io web chat