We take privacy and security very seriously here at Gurn, and we want to be completely transparent with you about the permissions that are required to run our software.

When you add our extension Chrome summarises the permissions for you to try and be helpful, but doesn't explain what we actually use them for.

The list below details the permissions the extension requires and what the permissions really mean, in order to deliver you the awesome functionality of Gurn. 

ActiveTab: This permission allows us to interact with your browser only when you click on the icon.

Tabs: We require this permission to be able to access the url, favicon, and title of the tabs you have open and load them into the extension window. This information can only be accessed when the extension window is open.

Bookmarks: We use this permission to request your bookmarks. This is part of our on-boarding where you can select bookmarks to put into Gurn so that get up and running quickly with your frequently accessed resources.

WebRequest: We require this permission in order to send the favicon images to be stored on our servers. Browsers restrict how images can be loaded. Any website is able to load an <img> element without restriction. Attempting to download that image is often blocked by browsers. We use this permission to prevent this block only for an image being sent by our extension..