Nearly exactly the same as adding a Keyword... but just check the tick boxes of all the resources you want to include, or just check 'Select All' to grab them all.

See how in the video below, or the step-by-step instructions further down the page.

Install Gurn for free for Chrome or Firefox

Step-by-step instructions for adding multiple resources to a Keyword:

  • Have all the resources you want to pair to a Keyword open in your browser window 
  • Open the chrome extension
  • Check the tick boxes to select the resources you want, or checkto grab them all
  • Then hit

On the next screen:

  • Type the Keyword you want to pair to the resources you selected - this is the word/phrase you’ll type into your browser to get back to the resource.


  • Then add your Tags that describe the resource 
    • Adding Tags helps you get back to the resource at a later date

  • Lastly, select the List - this is where you decide who can also use this Keyword

  • To finish, clickand you’re done!