Simple. Check out this video to see how you add a Keyword, or see the step-by-step instructions below :-)

Step-by-step instructions:

When you want to save a resource in your browser click on the Gurn extension

  • Select the resource you want to save
  • Then click

  • Give the resource a Keyword - this is the word/phrase you’ll type into your browser to get back to the resource. 

  • Add Tags that describe the resource - this will help you, and your colleagues, get back to the resource next time. 

  • Select the ‘List’ you want to add the Keyword to. 
    • A List is how you can group Keywords together so that only the members of that List can access them.
    • You can have Public Lists (i.e. ones you can share with your colleagues), and a Private List (i.e. only you can see the Keywords)

  • Then Click and you’re done!

  • You'll then be able to get back to this resource by typing 'go leave policy' into your address bar.

Want to see how you can add multiple resources to one keyword?

Click here to see how - it's awesome!